One Year In - Growth, Change & Culture

By Lisa Morey | Insider | 2 Comments

I have spent the past week reflecting on my first year working at Simple Pixels and what a journey it has been.

Wagga Web Design - Why should you get a website developed and managed locally

By Pete Swan | web development, web design, wagga web design | No Comments

These days, everyone is a web design / digital marketing / SEO expert. You probably already get emails to the following tune (typos and & left in deliberately!):

JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAW - Image Optimisation Formats in Simple English!

By Pete Swan | web design, image optimisation | No Comments

People are always asking me about this so I thought it might be worth a quick blog article to explain how different image formats work, and when to use them!

SPF Neutral instead of Pass when SPF is configured properly

By Pete Swan | hosting | No Comments

Lately, we have been having an issue where an email is marked as SPF Neutral instead of getting a good old PASS from  GSUITE  when an email has been sent through the website's contact form.

In our situation, we were using a 3rd party SMTP service that was integrated with our hosting. This service required modifying the SPF record to add an include statement, and set up the DKIM record. Great..

Smith Family Speed Mentoring Program in Wagga Wagga

By Pete Swan | community | No Comments


Last Thursday we had the privilege of being apart of the Speed Mentoring Program. This was an event organised by the Smith Family for students from Wagga Wagga High School, Mount Austin High School and Kooringal High School. Mount Austin High School’s two youth programs Clontarf Academy and Girls@thecentre also had students attend.

Help! The government stole my domain name!

By Pete Swan | domain names, hosting | No Comments

Well, stole is probably the wrong word! But an interesting tale nevertheless!

seo - what exactly is it?

By Pete Swan | search engine optimisation, seo | No Comments

Search engine optimisation or ‘SEO’ for short is a process to increase the position in which your website ranks when specific keywords are searched in Google.

Welcoming Bailey Poulos to our new team at Simple Pixels

By Pete Swan | social media marketing | No Comments

We would like to officially welcome Bailey Poulos to our team. After much demand, Bailey is bringing Social Media Marketing as a service that Simple Pixels now offer. Bailey has an incredible attention to detail, and a flair for social media marketing, campaign management, paid advertising, demographics, split testing – he is our main man when it comes to driving traffic to websites from.

A sneak peak at at a new website for a Wagga business

By Pete Swan | web design | No Comments

One of our favourite clients has a beautiful new website coming soon, we can’t wait for it to go live! Can you guess who?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

By Pete Swan | web development, web design | No Comments

People often ask – what is the big deal with mobile friendly / responsive / adaptive websites? A few years ago – you could have probably got away with not worrying too much about it. But times have changed. Both Google and your users are quite unforgiving should your website not be mobile friendly. Below are 3 top reasons on why it is imperative your website is mobile friendly.

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